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All presentations will be oral, 10 minutes in length with 2 minutes for questions.

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

 • 18:30:Meet at Quality Inn for Pre-Conference Dinner

Monday, July 17th, 2017

NASA AMES Building 152, Rm 117

 • 8:00:Pre-Conference Tech Check: Mics, Slides, Orientation with Chairs
 • 8:30:Welcome & Introductions
 • 8:50:Ice Breakers & Group Photo

SESSION 0: Science Communication
Chairs: Katherine Shirley & Alessondra Springmann
 • 9:05:Seth Shostak, How to give an engaging science talk!

SESSION I: Dust, Regolith, Plasma, & Volatiles
Chairs: Marcus Piquette & Li Hsia Yeo
 • 9:40:Marcus Piquette, Overview: Dust, Regolith, Plasma, & Volatiles
 • 10:00:Edwin Bernardoni, Characterizing Lunar Dust Impact Plumes
 • 10:12:Keenan Hunt-Stone, Constraining Lunar Surface Charging Using Apollo CPLEE Observations
 • 10:24:Li Hsia Yeo, Experimental Simulation of Solar Wind Interaction with Magnetic Dipole Fields above Insulating Surfaces
 • 10:36:NLSI/SSERI Welcome
 • 10:51:Michael Gerard, Dust Rotation and Swirl Morphology in Lunar Magnetic Anomalies
 • 11:03:Zach Ulibarri, Laboratory study of hypervelocity impact-driven chemical reactions and surface evolution of icy targets
 • 11:15:Joseph Schwan, Dust charging and transport on surfaces of airless planetary bodies
 • 11:27:Juliet Pilewskie, Dust Dynamics in the Rings of Chariklo
 • 11:41:Alessondra Springmann, Results of Coordinate Multiwavelength Observational Campaign of Two Jupiter-Family Comets
 • 11:51:Marcus Piquette, Interplanetary Dust: Observations and Modeling from Earth to the Kuiper Belt
 • 12:13: LUNCH BREAK

SESSION II: Geology & Geophysics
Chairs: Ariel Deutsch & Katherine Shirley
 • 13:43:Ariel Deutsch, Overview: Geology & Geophysics
 • 14:03:Erica Jawin,The Prinz-Harbinger Medium-Scale (80 km-diameter) Shield Volcano: A Transition in Lunar Volcanic Eruption Style
 • 14:15:Ariel Deutsch, Evidence for surface ice in micro-cold traps and large craters at the north polar region of Mercury
 • 14:27:Gerard Rodriguez-Lopez, Dehydration and Solar Wind Ion Irradiation of Sodium and Ammonium Carbonates on the Surface of Main Belt Asteroids
 • 14:39:Donald Hendrix,Determining the Correlation Between Mineral Surface Defect Sites Produced via Mechanical Alteration and Their Capability to Generate Reactive Oxygen Species
 • 14:51:Jordan Young, Variation of Raman spectra of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons as an indicator of thermal alteration of ordinary chondrites
 • 15:03:Katherine Shirley, Synthetic Space Weathering Effects on MIR Spectroscopy
 • 15:25:BREAK

SESSION III: Missions & Human Exploration
Chairs: Helen Tung & Gen Ito
 • 15:45:Gen Ito, Spectral Properties of Potrillo Volcanic Field, New Mexico Terrestrial Analog Site and Assessment of Portable Infrared Spectral Imaging into Planetary Geological Field Work
 • 15:57:Cody Schultz, Structural and mechanical properties of asteroid regolith simulant
 • 16:09:Wesley Chambers, Exhaust-regolith interactions: analysis of the instability threshold for the Moon, Mars, and Phobos
 • 16:31:Closing Remarks & Evaluations

Group Dinner
 • 18:30:Meet for group dinner

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