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Presentation Format

All presentations will be oral, 12 minutes in length with 3 minutes for questions. The presentations will be streaming live on and we will be accepting questions using Adobe Connect, found here: https://connect.arc.nasa.gov/lgc2014/

Saturday, July 19, 2014

 • 18:30:Meet at Quality Inn for Pre-Conference Dinner

Sunday, July 20, 2014

NASA Ames Building 152, Room 171

 • 8:00:Pre-Conference Tech Check: Mics, Slides, Orientation with Chairs
 • 8:30:Welcome and Introduction
 • 8:40:Dr. Yvonne Pendleton, NLSI/SSERVI Welcome
 • 8:55:Ice Breaker and Group Photo
SESSION I: Dust/Regolith, Plasma, and Volatiles
Chairs: Jamey Szalay & Alessondra Springmann
 • 9:10:Jamey Szalay, Overview: Dust/Plasma
 • 9:25:Marcus Piquette, Effects of lunar topography on charged dust dynamics in the near-surface environment
 • 9:40:Monique Hollick, Revisiting lunar weather measurements from Apollo 12, 14 & 15
 • 9:55:Gen Ito, Calculating the scattering properties of fine-grained particulates of planetary surfaces
 • 10:10:Parvathy Prem, Comets as a source of lunar volatiles: tracking water from impact to permanent shadows
 • 10:25:Alessondra Springmann, Overview: Radar Studies of Asteroids
 • 10:40:Elizabeth Palmer, The bistatic radar experiment at Vesta using the Dawn communications antennas
 • 10:55:Alessondra Springmann, Arecibo Observatory planetary radar observations of near-Earth asteroid surfaces
 • 11:20:BREAK

SESSION II: Missions and Human Exploration
Chair: Parvathy Prem
 • 11:50:Marshall Eubanks, Asteroid Mining and Space Simulations with Citizen Science and Gaming
 • 12:05:Brian Shiro, Geological field activities at the HI-SEAS planetary surface analog mission simulation in Hawaii
 • 12:20:Georgios Tsakyridis, Smart power grid topology for space application
 • 12:45:Lunch Break

SESSION III: Geology and Geophysics
Chairs: Dan Moriarty & Elise Rumpf
 • 14:15:Dan Moriarty, Overview
 • 14:45:Kiichiro DeLuca, Characterization of the Exterior Spherical Harmonic Gravity Potential Divergence
 • 15:00:Lauren Jozwiak, Lunar floor-fractured craters: constraining the timing of intrusion formation within the lunar volcanic history.
 • 15:15:James Keane, Evidence for lunar true polar wander, and a past low-eccentricity, synchronous lunar orbit
 • 15:30:BREAK
 • 15:45:Cameron Mercer, Over 500 million years of lunar impact history quantified by laser microprobe 40Ar/39Ar dating of two Apollo 17 breccias
 • 16:00:Elise Rumpf, Thicknesses of Lunar Lava Flows: Comparison of Layered Mare Units with Terrestrial Analogs
 • 16:15:Jennifer Scully, Gullies as geomorphological evidence for transient water flow on Vesta, with a comparison to lunar gullies
 • 16:30:Masatoshi Hirabayashi, Constraints on the Physical Properties of Main Belt Comet P/2013 R3 from its Breakup Event
 • 17:00:Closing Remarks & Evaluations