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All presentations will be oral, 15 minutes in length with 2 minutes for questions.

Sunday, July 21st, 2019

 • 18:30:Meet at Quality Inn for Pre-forum Dinner

Monday, July 22nd, 2019

NASA AMES Building 152, Rm 117

 • 8:00:Pre-Conference Tech Check: Mics, Slides, Orientation with Chairs
 • 8:30:Yvonne Pendleton: NASA SSERVI Welcome
 • 8:45:LunGradCon Welcome & Introductions
 • 9:00:Ice Breakers & Group Photo

SESSION I: Exploration Science & Laboratory Results
Chairs: Ariel Deutsch, Donald Hendrix, & Mariah Danner
 • 9:15:Zachary Morse, CanMoon Canadian Lunar Sample Return Analogue Mission Traverse Planning and Pre-Mission Remote Sensing Analysis
 • 9:27:Ziyu Huang, Numerical Simulations of Astronaut Charging at Lunar Terminator
 • 9:39:Mariah Danner, Characterizing the features of impact landers on the substrate using advanced surveying techniques.
 • 9:51:Donald Hendrix, Generating a More Analogous Lunar Regolith Simulant in Order to Better Understand Reactivity and Potential Toxicity

SESSION I (cont.): Exploration Science & Laboratory Results
Chair: Ariel Deutsch, Donald Hendrix, & Mariah Danner
 • 10:28:Macey Sandford, Compact Remote Time-Resolved Raman and Fluorescence Spectrometer for Planetary Missions.
 • 10:40:Wesley Chambers, GRIT: A plume-surface interaction experiment in vacuum microgravity
 • 10:52:Miguel Angel Montoya Perez, Non-destructive method for bulk chemical characterization of olivine chondrules
 • 11:04:Ariel Deutsch, Investigating diurnal changes in the normal albedo of the laser surface at 1064 nm: A new analysis with the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter
 • 11:26: LUNCH BREAK

SESSION II: Exospheres, Space Physics, & Dust
Chair: Quentin Nenon
 • 13:10:Joseph Samaniego, A Double Hemispherical Probe (Dhp) for Improving Space Plasma Measurements and Effects of Oxidation on Coatings for Langmuir Probes and Their Photoemission Characteristics in an Oxygen-rich Space Environment
 • 13:22:Noah Hood, Laboratory investigation of the role of initial conditions of electrostatic dust lofting
 • 13:34:Quentin Nenon, The ion environment of Phobos as observed by MAVEN

SESSION III: Moon & Moons
Chair: Lingzhi Sun & Kristen Luchsinger
 • 13:56:William Goode, Mapping the Composition of Europa's Surface
 • 14:08:Brynna Downey, Inclination damping on Titan and Callisto
 • 14:20:Lingzhi Sun, Rock Types of Apollo Sampling Stations and Beyond
 • 14:32:Szilard Gyalay, Estimates for Tethys' moment of inertia, present day heat flux, and interior structure from its long-wavelength topography
 • 14:44:Kristen Luchsinger, Exploring Lunar Sediment and Water Ice Layers through Modelling the LCROSS Debris Plume
 • 14:56:Greg Schmidt: SSERVI Director Comments

SESSION IV: Novel Lunar Science Applications
Chair: Alexander Hegedus & Nivedita Mahesh
 • 15:26:Alexander Hegedus, Measuring the Earth's Synchrotron Emission from Radiation Belts with a Lunar near Side Radio Array
 • 15:38:Neil Bassett, The Radio Quiet Environment Above the Lunar Farside and its Application to 21-cm Experiments
 • 15:50:Keith Tauscher, Extracting information about the first stars and black holes from sky-averaged radio data from Lunar orbit
 • 16:02:Nivedita Mahesh, Modelling Planar Dipoles on Lunar regolith for a radio array on the farside of the Moon

SESSION V: Small Bodies & Late Arrivals
Chair: Marina Gemma & Carver Beirson
 • 16:24:Chen Cui, Modeling Spacecraft Charging around Irregularly Shaped Small Asteroids
 • 16:36:Marina Gemma, Mapping Mineral Diversity in Ordinary Chondrite Meteorites
 • 16:48:Carver Bierson, Limb topography of 2014 MU69
 • 17:00:Micah Schaible, Using the solar wind to map the history of the Solar System: SIMS analysis of small bodies
 • 17:12:Marcus Piquette, The response of varying particle density and incidence angle on Polyvinylidene Fluoride dust detectors
 • 17:34:Closing Remarks & Evaluation
Group Dinner
 • 18:30:Meet for group dinner

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