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All presentations will be oral, 10 minutes in length with 2 minutes for questions.

Sunday, June 24th, 2018

 • 18:30:Meet at Quality Inn for Pre-Conference Dinner

Monday, June 25th, 2018

NASA AMES Building 152, Rm 117

 • 8:00:Pre-Conference Tech Check: Mics, Slides, Orientation with Chairs
 • 8:30:Yvonne Pendleton and NASA SSERVI Welcome
 • 8:45:LunGradCon Welcome & Introductions
 • 9:00:Ice Breakers & Group Photo

SESSION I: Dust, Regolith, Plasma, & Volatiles
Chairs: Marcus Piquette & Li Hsia Yeo
 • 9:15:Edwin Bernardoni, Characterizing lunar dust impact plumes
 • 9:27:Li Hsia Yeo, Experimental simulation of solar wind interaction with magnetic dipole fields above insulating surface
 • 9:39:Joseph Samaniego, Investigation of coatings for langmuir probes in Oxygen-rich space environments
 • 9:51:Marcus Piquette, The Student Dust Counter: Status report at 40 AU

SESSION II: Meteorites & Small Bodies
Chair: Carver Bierson, Marina Gemma, & Angel Montoya
 • 10:26:Jacob Abrahams,Thermal evolution of a chondrite parent body following impact disruption
 • 10:38:Marina Gemma,Visible-Near-Infrared reflectance spectroscopy of ordinary chondrite meteorites under simulated asteroid surface conditions
 • 10:50:M. Angel Montoya,Preliminary results of unclassified sample of chondrite and bulk composition of chondrules by non destructive analysis
 • 11:02:Graham Edwards,Cooling and disruption history of the LL chondrite parent body
 • 11:14:Yaeji Kim,Geometric surface configuration of apophis by self-gravity and tidal effect from the Earth
 • 11:26:Alessondra Springmann,Particle sizes in the coma of Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdušáková as observed by the Arecibo Observatory planetary radar system
 • 11:38:Carver Bierson,Uniform composition of Kuiper Belt Objects
 • 12:00: LUNCH BREAK

SESSION III: Geology & Geophysics
Chairs: Gen Ito, Lizeth Magana, & Zach Ulibarri
 • 13:45:Jack Conrad, Using lunar impact basin relaxation to test impact flux models: implications for magma ocean solidification timing
 • 13:57:Benjamin Byron, Effects of space weathering and porosity on the far-UV reflectance of Amundsen Crater
 • 14:09:Lizeth Magana, An investigation of exposed frost in lunar permanently shadowed regions using ultraviolet albedo measurements from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
 • 14:21:Elizabeth Czajka, Grain size distribution in Apollo lunar soil samples: implications for far-UV reflectance measurements
 • 14:33:Zach Ulibarri, On the genesis and detectability of organic chemistry in hypervelocity impact ice spectra
 • 15:05:Dylan McDougall, New thermal emissions maps of the Moon
 • 15:17:Megan Kelly, Constraints on the formation age and evidence of thermal demagnetization of the Moon's Reiner Gamma magnetic anomaly
 • 15:29:Rachel Maxwell, Estimating the magnetization direction of planetary crustal magnetic anomalies
 • 15:41:Jordan Young, Effects of micrometeoroid impact experiments on the infrared spectra of olivine
 • 15:53:Gen Ito, Radiative-transfer modeling of spectra of planetary regoliths using cluster-based dense packing modifications
 • 16:05:Donald Hendrix, Determining the dissolution rates of mineral powders in simulated lung fluid in order to better understand the persistence of lunar dust in the human respiratory system
 • 16:29:Closing Remarks & Evaluations

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Group Dinner
 • 18:30:Meet for group dinner