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The conference will be hosted by NASA's Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute which is headquartered at NASA Ames. NASA Ames Research Center is located in Mountain View, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley. Ames is a leader in nanotechnology, fundamental space biology, biotechnology, aerospace and thermal protection systems, and human factors research. Ames research in astrobiology focuses on the effects of gravity on living things, and the nature and distribution of stars, planets and life in the universe. As a leader in information technology research with a focus on supercomputing, networking and intelligent systems, Ames conducts the critical R/D and develops the enabling technologies that make NASA missions possible.

Ames has been heavily involved in lunar robotic missions. LCROSS was designed, developed, operated, and managed at NASA Ames, and the center managed and operated the Lunar Prospector mission in 1998.

ARC is only a short distance from downtown Mountain View, which hosts a wide variety of restaurants, coffeehouses, specialty shops, galleries, and year-round farmers markets. An even broader range of dining and entertainment opportunities are all within a short drive.

The conference will be held in Building 152 in Room 117.

Air Travel

Participants should fly to the San Jose International Airport in San Jose, CA, which is a 15 minute drive from Mountain View and NASA ARC.


LunGradCon will reserve a block of rooms at the Quality Inn & Suites in Mountain View at a reduced conference price. The hotel is walking distance to Ames Research Center and downtown.

If requested, rooms will be reserved for registered participants and roommates will be assigned (roommate requests are welcome and will be honored) but please be registered by TBD to receive the reduced rate. Please see the regristration form.

Travel Funding

For attendees from institutions in the United States, LunGradCon has a limited amount of travel funds to defray the costs of air travel and lodging. If you request a travel stipend, LunGradCon will be able to reimburse you for part or perhaps all of your travel costs after the conference has ended. Although a special hotel rate is available for the entire week if you wish to stay for the ESF, hotel funding can only cover the costs of LunGradCon (Sunday and Monday nights). Again, please note that, per NASA guidelines, travel stipends are only available to attendees from institutions within the United States.

Travel Stipend Instructions: After the conference, LASP will send you a travel expense spreadsheet to fill out and sign. Send the filled out sheet to Katherine Pilewskie along with receipts for airfare, hotel, parking, gas, and ground transportation. She will want scans of original copies of hotel receipts, or you can ask the hotel to email you a digital copy. Once your receipts have been squared away, Karen Kullby will email you a form to sign authorizing payment. A check will be mailed to you a few weeks after this form has been returned. Also note that the this completed form is often useful to turn into your institution if you are getting reimbursed for travel beyond LunGradCon, say to the ESF or otherwise.

Miscellaneous Items

LunGradCon does not have a NCTS number.

Contact Information

Questions? Email the conference organizers.

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