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5/8/2021: Four IMPACT students author and defend honors theses

Ethan Ayari, Alex Doner,Brandon Cage, and Thomas Watts successfully authored and defended honors theses and were included in the spring 2021 Honors Convocation. Alex wrote "Restoring Light Transmission of Glass Surfaces in Space", Brandon wrote "Attractive Behavior of Conductive Like-Charged Dust Grains In a Plasma", Thomas wrote "Simulation of Cold Cathode Discharge Tube Glow Profiles", and Ethan Wrote "Modeling Ring Currents with a Planeterrella Device". These works can be accessed here .

Honors Convocation Awards

5/7/2021: IMPACT student gives How on Earth radio interview

Zach Ulibarri, an IMPACT grad student, gave a radio interview to the How on Earth program at KGNU with SWRI's Joel Parker. He explained his research working at the IMPACT accelerator's cyrogenic ice target.

Zach Ulibarri

3/18/2021: IMPACT researcher gives LASP seminar

Hsiang-Wen Hsu, an IMPACT research associate, gave a LASP seminar about his work on electrstatic dust transport on asteroids, covering results from Near Earth Asteroid missions, their relation to ongoing IMPACT laboratory experiments, and why electrostatic processing is likely a missing puzzle piece in asteroid studies. You can view his talk here with password *kkQU=9n.

A plot from Dr. Hsu's electrstatic dust transport talk.

8/31/2020: IMPACT featured on CU Boulder Today

CU Boulder Today featured an article about research from IMPACT's Benjamin Farr, Xu Wang, and Mihály Horányi about using an electron beam to clean scientific equipment on the Moon. Lunar dust proved to be very difficult to deal with during the Apollo missions, and IMPACT's electron beam was able to remove as much as 85% of simulant dust from surfaces in just a few minutes. You can read the article here.

Dust jumping from a glass surface under electron bombardment in an IMPACT experiment.

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