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08/01/2017: IMPACT student receives poster award

Zach Ulibarri received one of three student poster awards at NASA's 2017 Exploration Science Forum. The award recognizes and rewards promising scientists while motivating and encouraging future work. The full story including other winners can be found here.

Photo of Zach Ulibarri

10/15/2016: 2017 Dust, Atmospheres, and Plasma workshop hosted by IMPACT

The Dust, Atmosphere and Plasma environment of the Moon and Small Bodies (DAP-2017) workshop was a forum to (i) discuss our current understanding of the surface environment of the Moon, the moons of Mars, and asteroids, (ii) share new results from past and ongoing missions to airless bodies and comets, and (iii) describe expectations for planned upcoming missions to airless bodies and comets. More information about the meeting including posted talks please visit the DAP-2017 website, here.

Lunar surface courtesy of NASA

01/06/17: Featured IMPACT science

Work from Xu Wang and Joseph Schwan was recently featured in a article as well as an episode of Discovery Channel's news segment, DNews. Their work explores the mechanisms responsible for mobilizing and transporting dust on the lunar surface. The article can be found here and the DNews video can be found here.

Image courtesy of NASA and Joseph Schwan

12/8/2016: IMPACT student awarded Raul A. and Ruth Stern Plasma Physics Scholarship

Joseph Schwan is an undergraduate student pursuing a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Physics. He works under Xu Wang researching dust dynamics in plasmas. The scholarship is funded by generous donations in the name of Raul A. Stern, a professor emeritus at CU Boulder. More information about Raul A. Stern can be found here.

Photo of Joseph Schwan

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