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Presentations will be recorded in advance and posted to youtube. There will be question and answer sessions, roundtables with SSERVI leadership and early career groups, and social events during the actual conference dates.

Please note that all times are in Pacific Time.

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021

 • 15:00"Pre-Conference Dinner" social session on gather.town. Click here to join..

Thursday, July 15th, 2021

Zoom link only available to registered attendees .

 • 7:30Pre-Conference Tech Check: Mics, Slides, Orientation with Chairs
 • 8:00Gregg Schmidt: NASA SSERVI Welcome and Lightning Round Tips
 • 8:30LunGradCon Welcome & Introduction
 • 8:45Ice Breakers

SESSION I: (Lunar) Formation and Evolution
Chairs: Mélissa Martinot and Sara Gutierrez
 • 9:10Sara Gutierrez, Consequences of the nucleation barrier on lunar core evolutionFeedback Form
 • 9:15Mélissa Martinot, Constraining the formation of the Moon's anorthositic crustFeedback Form
 • 9:20:Kevin Trinh, The argument for a young metallic core in EuropaFeedback Form
 • 9:25Discussion
 • 9:50 Morning Breakout Room Social and Lunch (50 Minutes)
 • 10:40 NextGen Lunar Science Group Panel

SESSION II: Sample Science
Chairs: Aleksandra Gawronska and Brittany Cymes
 • 11:25Brittany Cymes, Variation in nanophase metallic iron particle occurrence in exsolved space-weathered lunar pyroxeneFeedback Form
 • 11:30Aleksandra Gawronska, New insights into lunar basalt flow emplacement from Apollo sample studies via X-ray computed tomographyFeedback Form
 • 11:35Gavin Tolometti, Constraining Impact Cratering Pressure and Temperature Conditions Using Zircon and Zirconia Polymorph CrystalsFeedback Form
 • 11:40Ryan Galinkin, Characterizing the effects of porosity and particle size on TIR olivine spectral featuresFeedback Form
 • 11:45Discussion

SESSION III: Lunar Regolith
Chairs: Autumn Shackelford and Caleb Gimar
 • 12:10Antoine Bourget, Optical polarization studies of latex beads in aqueous solution: An analog for radar scattering in lunar icy regolithFeedback Form
 • 12:15Parks Easter, High Fidelity Lunar Agglutinate SimulantFeedback Form
 • 12:20Douglas Fontes, Lunar Regolith Particles Interacting with Lander Rocket Plume at lower AltitudesFeedback Form
 • 12:25Caleb Gimar, Far-ultraviolet photometric characteristics of JSC-1A lunar regolith simulant: comparisons to Apollo soil 10084Feedback Form
 • 12:30Ramin Lolachi, Optical monitoring of the dust environment at lunar surface exploration sitesFeedback Form
 • 12:35Autumn Shackelford, Morphologic and spectral characterization of regolith breakdown due to water iceFeedback Form
 • 12:40Discussion
 • 13:05 Gather.Town Social

Friday, July 16th, 2021

Zoom link only available to registered attendees .

 • 8:00Announcements
SESSION IV: Remote Sensing
Chairs: Cailin Gallinger, Jacob Kloos, and Nicholas Piskurich
 • 8:05John Fairweather, High-Resolution Automated Impact Crater Detection on LRO-NAC ImagesFeedback Form
 • 8:10Cailin Gallinger, Mapping ejecta diversity of young lunar craters with thermal infrared imagingFeedback Form
 • 8:15Jacob Kloos, Analyses of long-exposure NAC imagery in lunar PSRs: implications for exposed volatilesFeedback Form
 • 8:20Shreekumari Patel, Appraisal of Physical properties of Petavius B crater using Mini-RF dataFeedback Form
 • 8:25Nick Piskurich, Compositional characterization of the enigmatic irregular mare patches via M3 and Diviner data analysesFeedback Form
 • 8:30Discussion
 • 8:55 Morning Break (20 Minutes)

SESSION V: Experimental and Instrument Exploration
Chairs: Nivedita Mahesh and Ethan Ayari
 • 9:15Ethan Ayari, Visualizing Ring Currents with a Planeterrella DeviceFeedback Form
 • 9:20Alex Doner, Polyvinylidene Fluoride Impact Charge Production After High Temperature ExposuresFeedback Form
 • 9:25Benjamin Farcy, Miniature ICPMS for in situ chemical analysis: Applications for landed lunar scienceFeedback Form
 • 9:30Nivedita Mahesh, Estimation of polarization effects on sky visibilities for FARSIDEFeedback Form
 • 9:35:Discussion
 • 10:10 Morning Break (70 Minutes)

 • 11:10:SSERVI Leadership Q&A
 • 12:15 The Great LunGradCon Race of 2021

SESSION VI: Human Exploration and Resource Utilization
Chairs: Samuel Halim & Gustavo Jamanca-Lino
 • 12:40Jamie Hsing-Ming Chang, Damage provoked by exposure of human lung cells to lunar regolith simulantsFeedback Form
 • 12:45Donald Hendrix, Hydroxyl radical generation of lunar dust analogs in biologically relevant human respiratory system fluidsFeedback Form
 • 12:50Sam Halim, Modelling carbonaceous chondrite survival for use as a potential lunar resourceFeedback Form
 • 12:55Gustavo Jamanca-Lino, A geometallurgy approach of the exploration of lunar ilmeniteFeedback Form
 • 13:00Constantinos Frantzis, Spatial Magnitude Frequency Distributions for Preliminary Lunar Probabilistic Seismic Hazard AssessmentsFeedback Form
 • 13:05Edward Williams, Internal usability and surface observability of lunar lava tubesFeedback Form
 • 13:10Discussion
 • 13:35 Wrap Up
 • 13:45 Gather.Town Social

July 15th Icebreaker Session Order

Chimira Andres
Ethan Ayari
Antoine Bourget
Jamie (Hsing-Ming) Chang
David Chaparro
Aniruddha Chowdhury
Ligia Coelho
Maxwell Collins
Brittany Cymes
Alex Doner
Parks Easter
John Fairweather
Benjamin Farcy
Douglas Fontes
Constantinos Frantzis
Ryan Galinkin
Cailin Gallinger
Aleksandra Gawronska
Marina Gemma
Caleb Gimar
Barbara Giuri
Bill Goode
Sara Gutierrez
Sam Halim
Conor Hayes
Donald Hendrix
Rashi Jain
Gustavo Jamanca Lino
Jacob Kloos
Ramin Lolachi
Kristen Luchsinger
Nivedita Mahesh
Mélissa Martinot
Tatiana Mijajlovic
Rupal Nigam
Shreekumari Patel
Lori Pigue
Nicholas Piskurich
Daniel Ricardo
Autumn Shackelford
Alessondra Spriingman
Jordan Stone
Lingzhi Sun
Jennifer Sutherland
Ashka Thaker
Gavin Tolometti
Kevin Trinh
Prateek Tripathi
Zach Ulibarri
Dany Waller
Ian Wells
Edward Williams
Lihsia Yeo

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