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LunGradCon: Logistics

The Virtual LunGradCon

LunGradCon 2021 will be held virtually via Zoom. Connection information will only be available to those registered for the conference.

Talks for the conference will be posted to youtube and made available to conference attendees by July 1st. Each talk will be roughly 15 minutes in length and uploaded to personal youtube accounts. We encourage presenters to make use of youtube's speech recognition to create transcripts for their videos.

The live conference will take place on July 15th and 16th. Each day will feature three sessions of 4-6 speakers each. Each speaker will have 3 minutes to give a quick overview of their talk (think of this as an advertisement for anyone who hasn't yet watched your presentation), followed by two minutes of questions from the audience.

After each speaker is done, the session chairs will open the floor to questions from the audience about any of the topics in the session, and general discussion will be encouraged.

Each day will also have a panel discussion, with one being a group from NASA SSERVI leadership, including Greg Schmidt, the SSERVI director. The other will be a panel of early-career scientists in lunar and small body science.

The first day will also feature an icebreaker round, where all participants (including those not giving presentations) will briefly introduce themselves with a slide that they have prepared. More info on this will be out soon.

Following the conference each day, there will be social events hosted in gather.town. One of the primary benefits of LunGradCon is being able to meet and network with your colleagues who you'll be studying the solar system with over the coming decades, and the social events are the best ways to do this. The gather.town maps will have various tables for small or large group discussions, whiteboards, and of course games.

On July 14th, the evening before the conference, there will also be a purely social 'pre-conference dinner' on gather.town.

Miscellaneous Items

LunGradCon does not have a NCTS number.

Contact Information

Questions? Email the forum organizers.