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LunGradCon: Logistics

The Virtual LunGradCon

LunGradCon 2021 will be held virtually, most likely via Zoom. Each talk will be roughly 15 minutes (a final time is yet to be determined, as this depends on the number of talks we accept), to be pre-recorded and posted to youtube. Videos will then be linked together into thematically grouped playlists, and individual links will be posted on the schedule page at least a week before the actual conference date.

During the actual conference, question and answer sessions will be held, with time allotted for each individual speaker as well as an open question time for thematic groups. Networking social sessions will be held, most likely with gather.town to facilitate networking, probably the most important part of LGC! Here you'll be able to meet the people you'll be working in the coming years of exploration science. We have some interesting ideas of how to spice up the social events, so stay tuned! Panels with SSERVI leadership as well as early career scientists will be also be held on the conference dates.

Miscellaneous Items

LunGradCon does not have a NCTS number.

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