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Presentation Format

All presentations will be oral, 10 minutes in length with 2 minutes for questions.

Monday, July 18th, 2016

 • 18:30:Meet at Quality Inn for Pre-Conference Dinner

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

NASA Ames Building 152, Room 120

 • 7:30:Pre-Conference Tech Check: Mics, Slides, Orientation with Chairs
 • 8:05:Dr. Yvonne Pendleton, NLSI/SSERVI Welcome
 • 8:10:Welcome and Introduction from Evan Thomas
 • 8:25:Ice Breaker and Group Photo
SESSION I: Geophysics & Geology
Chairs: Carver Bierson, Katherine Shirley, & Akbar Whizin
 • 8:40:Ross Potter, Overview: Geophysics/Geology
 • 9:05:Akbar Whizin, Collisional accretion of centimeter-sized protoplanetesimals
 • 9:17:Carver Bierson, Using Density to Test for a Compositional Difference between Pluto and Charon
 • 9:29:Katherine Shirley, Minerals and Mixtures Under Simulated Lunar Environment
 • 9:41:Jack Conrad, Characterizing ancient impact basins discovered by GRAIL gravity data
 • 9:53:Indhu Varatharajan, Mineralogy of lunar farside mare basalts on the feldspathic highland terrain: Spectral assessment using M3 Chandrayaan-1
 • 10:05:Ross Potter, Planetary twins? Investigating the formation of asteroid impact basins on the Moon and Mercury
 • 10:17:Brian Shiro, Geophysical investigation of lava tubes at the HI-SEAS planetary analog site in Hawai‘i
 • 10:29:Michael Demasi, What do Meteorite Falls tell us about the Strength of Asteroid Boulders?
 • 10:41:Donald Hendrix, Identification of mechanically induced radical species and hydroxyl radicals via electron paramagnetic resonance
 • 11:05BREAK

SESSION II: Dust/Regolith, Plasma & Volatiles Part I
Chairs: Jamey Szalay, Evan Thomas, & Marcus Piquette
 • 11:17:Jamey Szalay, Overview: Dust/Regolith, Plasma & Volatiles
 • 11:42:Yasvanth Poondla,Simulating the LCROSS plume: improvements to water ice and vapor model
 • 11:54Jamey Szalay, Meteoritic Bombardment at the Moon and LADEE/LDEX Derived Gardening Rates
 • 12:06:Marcus Piquette, The effect of asymmetric surface topography on dust dynamics in the lunar plasma environment
 • 12:18:LUNCH BREAK

SESSION II: Dust/Regolith, Plasma & Volatiles Part II
Chairs: Jamey Szalay, Evan Thomas, & Marcus Piquette
 • 13:48:Keenan Hunt-Stone,Using Apollo data to characterize the lunar environment
 • 14:00:Evan Thomas, Measurements of simulated micrometeoroids in the laboratory
 • 14:12:Ngoc Truong, Water on Phobos and Deimos: Implications of Water in Tektites for the Giant Impact Origin Hypothesis for the Moons of Mars
 • 14:24:Zach Ulibarri, The Colorado Solar Wind Experiment
 • 14:36:Alessondra Springmann, Thermal Release of Labile Elements from Primitive Meteorites: Applications for Asteroid Sample Return Science and ISRU
 • 14:48:Egboche Unobe, Experimental determination of volatile evolution and recovery from carbonaceous asteroid simulants
 • 15:10BREAK

SESSION III: Missions and Human Exploration
Chairs: Gen Ito, Brian Shiro, & Alessondra Springmann
 • 15:40:Alessondra Springmann, Overview: MIssions and Human Exploration
 • 16:05:Gen Ito, Incorporation of Portable Infrared Spectral Imaging into Planetary Geological Field Work: Analog Studies at Kilauea, Hawaii
 • 16:17:Lena Heffern, Neutron activation analysis of iron IV meteorite samples with the GeMini-Plus, a high-resolution gamma-ray spectrometer designed for extraterrestrial missions
 • 16:29:Jonathan Harline, 3D printing exploratory and settlement structures on Mars with Martian Concrete
 • 16:41:Ariel Deutsch, Science exploration architecture for Phobos and Deimos: Are the moons of Mars in the critical pathway of human exploration of Mars?
 • 16:53:David Neumann, Owning space; the difficulties faced when opposing nations and corporations want land claims
 • 17:15:Closing Remarks & Evaluations
 • 18:30:Group Dinner

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