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Presentation Format

All presentations will be oral, 12 minutes in length with 3 minutes for questions.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

 • 18:30:Meet at Quality Inn for Pre-Conference Dinner

Monday, July 20, 2015

NASA Ames Building 152, Room 171

 • 8:00:Pre-Conference Tech Check: Mics, Slides, Orientation with Chairs
 • 8:20:Dr. Yvonne Pendleton, NLSI/SSERVI Welcome
 • 8:30:Welcome and Introduction
 • 8:55:Ice Breaker and Group Photo
SESSION I: Geophysics & Geology
Chairs: Mickey Villarreal & Ross Potter
 • 9:10:Mickey Villarreal, Overview: Geophysics/Geology
 • 9:40:Heidi Fuqua, Isolating Electromagnetic Induction from the Lunar Interior measured with ARTEMIS
 • 9:55:Ross Potter, Mega-scale lunar impact basins: investigating Procellarum-sized events
 • 10:10:Kynan Hughson, Ribbons on Vesta: exploring a possible fluidized flow near Sossia crater
 • 10:25:Carver Thomason, Crater Bouguer anomalies as probes into the structure of the lunar crust
 • 10:40:BREAK
 • 10:50:James Keane, Hidden in the neutrons: physical evidence for lunar true polar wander
 • 11:05:Katherine Shirley, Particle size effects on minerals under simulated lunar enviornment
 • 11:20:Lauren Jozwiak, Evolution of Gas Content and Foam Distribution in Lunar Floor-Fractured Craters
 • 11:35:Steven Jaret, A Comparison of Argon Ages of Manicouagan Impact Melt and Solid-State Maskelynite
 • 11:50:Erica Jawin, Detecting Volcanic Glass in Lunar Localized Dark Mantle
 • 12:05:Mickey Villarreal, In Search of a Magnetic Field at Vesta
 • 12:20:Melinda Rucks, Mid-IR Optical Constants of the Triclinic Mineral Labradorite
 • 12:45:LUNCH BREAK

SESSION II: Dust/Regolith, Plasma & Volatiles
Chairs: Jamey Szalay & Evan Thomas
 • 14:15:Jamey Szalay, Overview: Dust/Regolith, Plasma & Volatiles
 • 14:45:Evan Thomas, Laboratory micrometeoroid/dust ablation studies
 • 15:00Yang Liu, LRO-Lyman alpha mapping project (LAMP) far-UV maps of the lunar poles
 • 15:15:Jamey Szalay, LDEX Measurements at the Moon
 • 15:45:BREAK

SESSION III: Missions and Human Exploration
Chairs: Marcus Piquette & Brian Shiro
 • 15:55:Gen Ito, Testing the incorporation of portable infrared imaging for future human missions: second year of field work
 • 16:10:Marcus Piquette, SLAM: synthetic lunar atmosphere mission
 • 16:25:Brian Shiro, Asynchronous geological exploration operations at the HI-SEAS planetary surface analog mission simulation in Hawai'i
 • 17:00:Closing Remarks & Evaluations

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