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Ethan Ayari


Ethan Ayari is a 3rd year physics graduate student working under Mihály Horányi. His research mainly focuses on the Interstellar Dust Experiment (IDEX), a time-of-flight mass spectrometer that will fly aboard the Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (IMAP) mission in 2025. His interests are in instrumentation, high performance computing, plasma and dust.

Ethan Ayari


Modeling the II-TOF-MS Meaurements of Olivine Pyroxene and Feldspar

Visualizing Ring Currents with a Planeterrella Device

Volatiles & PSR II Exploring Volatiles from Permanently Shadowed Lunar Regions


  • Graduate Summa Cum Laude in Physics and Mathematics (GPA>3.8 paired with a strong honors thesis)

  • LASP's Charles Barth Scholarship for undergraduate research on modeling planetary magnetospheres

  • LASP's Gosling award for graduate performance

  • University of Colorado Dean's list (gpa ≥ 3.75)

Publications in Preperation

  1. Ayari, E. R., Horányi, M., Hillier, J., Mikula, R., Munsat, T., Schmidt, J., . . . Westphal, A. J. (2023). "Composition Measurement Capabilities of the Hyperdust Instrument From Laboratory "Accelerator Experiments with Particles of Crystalline Olivine". Review of Scientific Instruments, (In preparation).

  2. Ayari, E. R., Horányi, M., Munsat, T., Turner, N. J. . "Identifying Planetary Materials Through In Situ Impact-Ionization Mass Spectrometry." Planetary and Space Science, (In preparation).

  3. Ayari, E. R., Horányi, M., Deca, J., Wang, X., Varennes, R., Martinez, A., & Keaton, T. . Visualizing Ring Currents using a Planeterrella Device for Planetary Magnetosphere Analysis. American Journal of Physics, (In preparation).

  4. Sternovsky, Z., Ayari, E. R., Postberg, F., Kempf, S., Horányi, M., Grun, E., Deluca, M. Ion Optics Optimization for In Situ Cosmic Dust Analyzer Instruments. Planetary and Space Science, (In preparation).