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1/08/2023 Washington Post video featuring IMPACT co-I Xu Wang

Xu Wang, a research scientist for the Laboratory of Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) and IMPACT CO-I discusses the lunar dust environment in a Washington Post video. the original article can be found here .

Xu Wang

8/18/2022: IMPACT PhD candidate gives ABC 7 interview

Bill Goode, a PhD recipient from the Ann and H.J. Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences, gave an ABC 7 interview regarding the delivery of the Surface Dust Analayzer (SUDA) aboard the flagship Europa Clipper. Bill's research at IMPACT involves mapping the composition of the Jovian moon Europa's surface. To read the original article, please see here .

Bill Goode

9/24/2021 LASP/IMPACT researcher Jordy Bouwman gives talk on the cosmochemical cycle of organic matter

Jordy Bouwman, professor of chemistry at CU Boulder and IMPACT researcher, presented a Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics seminar on the formation and dissociation mechanisms of interstellar Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) at a molecular level of detail. The seminar also explained how – by making use of the unique capabilities of the dust accelerator at LASP – this research will investigate the organic contents of dust particles in our Solar System.

Jordy Bouwman

5/8/2021: Four IMPACT students author and defend honors theses

Ethan Ayari, Alex Doner,Brandon Cage, and Thomas Watts successfully authored and defended honors theses and were included in the spring 2021 Honors Convocation. Alex wrote "Restoring Light Transmission of Glass Surfaces in Space", Brandon wrote "Attractive Behavior of Conductive Like-Charged Dust Grains In a Plasma", Thomas wrote "Simulation of Cold Cathode Discharge Tube Glow Profiles", and Ethan Wrote "Modeling Ring Currents with a Planeterrella Device". These works can be accessed here .

Honors Convocation Awards

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